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Dynamic Data


Health care informatics is the use of data and information technology to improve clinical outcomes, improve patient/provider experience, and lower costs of care.

CASE: As per new laws that went into effect late in 2020, all controlled substances need to be electronically prescribed with few exceptions. To perform electronic prescriptions of controlled substances (EPCS) in Epic, prescribers need to enroll in Imprivata Multi Factor authentication (MFA). Every time a prescriber gets a new phone, the new device must be enrolled in MFA.

REQUEST: Currently the only way to enroll in Imprivata (MFA) is to do it in person at Medical Staff Services. The Informatics team worked with IT and Medical Staff Services to see if this process could be done virtually over WebEx so as to make it easier for all prescribers to enroll in Imprivata MFA. One of the limiting factors to MFA enrollment is the need to do it in person.

DATA: An EPCS dashboard has been created to monitor EPCS rates on a continuous basis and to monitor EPCS trends over time, on both a pavilion and provider level. The data is extracted from EPIC and has been validated with pharmacy and physician leadership.

FINDINGS: Over the past three months our EPCS rate has been about 93%. Over the same timeframe, about 53% of printed prescriptions for controlled substances were performed by providers who had never done EPCS. One of the main reasons for this is because the vast majority of these prescribers are not enrolled in Imprivata MFA.

ACTIONS: Working together with IT and Medical Staff Services, we have created a process for prescribers to pick a time to virtually enroll in Imprivata MFA with Medical Staff Services over WebEx. The prescriber scans a QR code, then picks an open time slot, and will automatically receive an email that contains the WebEx meeting invite. Using a desktop or laptop, a webcam and their government ID, the prescriber will complete the virtual enrollment over WebEx. Over two pilots phases we have found that the enrollment process takes between 5-10 minutes. The pilot participants have described the scheduling and enrollment process as “seamless,” “very easy,” and “super-fast.” We are targeting a go-live date of Aug. 3.

BENEFITS: With the ability to virtually enroll in Imprivata MFA, those prescribers whose schedules or practice locations make it inconvenient to enroll in person at Medical Staff Services can quickly and easily get enrolled so that they can appropriately perform EPCS and be compliant with the law.