Nursing Career Opportunities

Lighting the Way for Harris Health Nurses
Harris Health System offers many professional development programs for professional nurses, such as the Graduate Nurse Internship Program, Work-School Program, career coaching, compensation for professional certification, and leadership training opportunities.

Harris Health's outstanding nurses not only serve as clinicians at the bedside, but also as nurse patient educators, forensic nurses, nurse case managers and trauma outcome managers. Clinically focused nurse leaders include nursing clinical educators, nursing clinical liaisons and nursing instructors who provide staff support to both nurse clinicians and administrators. Management positions include nursing clinical managers, nurse managers and directors of nursing. Nurses at Harris Health have a plethora of pathways to serve our patients and support our staff.

Working towards the Institute of Medicine’s goal of an 80 percent RN work force with a bachelor’s degree in nursing by 2020, Harris Health is proud of an RN staff with approximately 74 percent prepared at the baccalaureate level or higher. Similar to our patient population, the Nursing staff is also culturally diverse with representation from 29 different countries. The work force for Nursing consists of approximately 2,200 RNs and 370 LVNs, plus various unlicensed assistive personnel and administrative support.

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