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How to Search and Apply to Harris Health System

Step One: Search and Select Desired Position

  1. Click on "Applicants (New or Returning)."
  2. Click on "View Job Postings/ Apply for a Job."
  3. Search for all positions or search for positions by job category, location, key words or other criteria and click "Search."
  4. Check the box to place a position in your Job Basket. Then click "Apply for Jobs in Basket."


Click on the position title to review minimum requirements. To apply click "Add Job to Basket," then click "Job Basket," and then click "Apply for Jobs in Basket."

Step Two: Registration and Method of Applying

If this is your first time applying for a position at Harris Health System:

  1. Click on "Are you a new applicant? Click here to register."
    Type in your e-mail address. (If you do not have an e-mail address, look at our FAQ 
    document and find out how you can get one.)
  2. Type in a password that you will remember and then retype it in the confirm password box.

If you are a returning applicant:
Please type in your e-mail address and password.

You have three options to apply (Harris Health System prefers that you apply with Option 1, "Attach Résumé File." Attaching a résumé automatically completes basic data.):

  1. Attach résumé File,
  2. Paste résumé Text, or
  3. Select "I am not providing a résumé."

Step Three: Completing your Application Profile
Fill in the information requested on the following pages.

You can click "Next" to move forward on any page; however, some fields are required.

  1. Contact Details (To enter address, click on Edit Address) Complete and click "Next."
  2. Add/Update Current and Prior Employment by clicking "Add." Complete and click "Next."
  3. Add/Update Education by clicking "Add." Complete and click "Next."
  4. Complete Competencies by selecting Yes or No (this is required info.) Complete and click "Next."
  5. Add/Update Languages, if applicable, by clicking "Add." Complete and click "Next."
  6. Add/Update Licenses and Certificates by clicking "Add." Complete and click "Next."
  7. Add/Update References by clicking "Add." Complete and click "Next."
  8. Enter Job Preferences. Complete and click "Next."
  9. Answer "How did you find out about us?" (optional) Complete and click "Next."
  10. Complete Questionnaire (required). Complete and click "Next."
  11. Complete Personal Information. Complete and click "Next."
  12. Click "Submit" and click "OK" on the Submit Confirmation page. You are done!

Thank you.

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