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Diabetes Patient Success Story: Timothy Burleson

Nearly two years ago, Timothy Burleson fainted due to unknown causes and was rushed to a Harris Health System emergency room. Read More »

Volunteer Profile: Lauren Seele

With a big smile and friendly demeanor, Lauren Seele has provided amazing service in her five months as a volunteer at Ben Taub Hospital. Read More »

Diabetes Patient Success Story: Veronica Clanton and Louis Wilpitz

Harris Health treats nearly 36,000 patients with diabetes and roughly one-third of them have levels categorized as uncontrolled (meaning hemoglobin A1c levels—a three-month average of a patient’s blood sugar levels—are above nine percent). Read More »

Playing is Essential to Children, So Is Buying Age-Appropriate Gifts

This holiday season, children are bound to get all sorts of gifts from books to toys from their loved ones, but Harris Health pediatricians remind gift-givers to keep age in mind when buying for their little ones. Read More »

It’s Not Too Late to Get the Flu Vaccine

Some people believe influenza the flu isn’t a big deal. Don’t be fooled, the flu is a dangerous virus—it can kill and hospitalize people. Read More »

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