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Volunteer Profile: Mary Jakab

As a former social worker, helping others is important to Mary Jakab, a volunteer at Ben Taub Hospital. Read More »

Should We Really Worry about Friday the 13th

Do you suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia—the morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th? If so, you’ll be sure to avoid black cats, ladders and broken mirrors today. Read More »

More Vitamins are Not Necessarily Better

When it comes to vitamins, the choices are overwhelming, but do you really need to take vitamins and supplements? And if you do, are you overdoing it? Read More »

Solar Eclipse: Enjoy It, but Protect Your Vision

On Monday, Aug. 21 the entire United States will witness a rare occurrence—a solar eclipse. While watching the moon slowly block out the sun is a rare opportunity, a Harris Health System expert says it should be attempted with caution. Read More »

Importance of Sports Physicals, Harris Health Offers Sports Physical Exams at Same Day Clinics

Many children who play sports are eager to get in the game. However, before they participate, many schools and organizations require a sports physical to ensure the athlete is healthy and able to participate in the sport of their choice. Read More »

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