What Does Your Halloween Costume Say About You?

Whether you dress up like a wench, a super hero, a celebrity or a zombie, your costume can reveal a lot about yourself.

While you may say your costume choice is random, it really isn’t says Dr. Britta Ostermeyer, chief of psychiatry, Ben Taub General Hospital, part of the Harris County Hospital District.

Halloween is an invitation to your imaginary fantasy world and this one day allows people to hide behind a façade.

“We all have fantasies of what we would like to be, even for a day,” says Ostermeyer. “Halloween gives us permission to ‘act out’ and dress up in outfits and costumes that may otherwise not be acceptable in everyday society.”

While extroverts are in their element, during Halloween a shy person may feel more daring, especially if hiding behind a mask.

Ostermeyer says we pick costumes according to our likings, desires and fantasies.

“Your costume says a lot about you,” says Ostermeyer. “It starts with do we desire attention or not.”

Would you rather be a famous superstar or a helping hero?

“The theme of omnipotent/supernatural power is seen in many costumes like heroes, fairies and even in scary characters, as it appeals to our fantasy world to have supernatural powers,” says Ostermeyer. “It’s what we humans don’t have.”

Whether you’re dressed up as a Yo Gabba Gabba character, Iron Man or Snow White, Ostermeyer says, have fun.

“On Halloween, take your pick and dress up,” says Ostermeyer. “You may even get a costume award at your Halloween party.”

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