Community Health Worker Training

Harris Health System’s Community Outreach Services Department is an authorized and certified provider of the Texas Department of State Health Services Community Health Worker Training and Certification Program.

What is a Community Health Worker?
A Community Health Worker (CHW) is a lay health and human services worker who provides needed services to individuals and families in our community.

These services include:
• Culturally appropriate health education
• Overcoming language barriers
• Navigating healthcare systems
• Speaking up effectively about medical concerns
• Seeking available assistance resources

CHW Continuing Education Classes
Our CHW classes are free and open to those seeking continuing education on a variety of health and social service topics. Our classes provide Texas Department of State Health Services certified Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for CHWs renewing their certification.

Attending our CEU classes provides hours toward the state criteria for renewing an existing certification, but does not count toward an initial CHW certification. Our program does not offer the initial certification training.

For questions about Harris Health's CHW Training Program, call 713-634-1242 or e-mail To register for our classes, please sign up to receive our monthly class announcements with online registration links for each class as it becomes available. To subscribe to our e-mail list, sign up here. Please note, we only open registration for each class one month in advance.

Continuing Education Calendar 2015

Continuing Education Topics  Dates & Times Offered

Access to Harris Health
3 CEUs – Competency: Service Coordination Skills

1/14/16 (Th); 9 a.m.-noon (Eng);
1-4 p.m. (Esp)

Child Development
3 CEUs – Competency: Knowledge Base

3/11/16 (F); 9 a.m.-noon (Eng);
1-4 p.m. (Esp)

Talking to Teens about Health and Sexuality
3 CEUs – Competency: Communication

5/12/16 (Th); 9 a.m.-noon (Eng);
1-4 p.m. (Esp)

10th Annual CHW Conference
Hosted by Texas Gulf Coast CHW/Promotores Association

6/1/16 (W), 9 a.m.-4 p.m. + Reception

Heart Health
3 CEUs – Competencies: Knowledge Base

7/7/16 (Th); 9 a.m.-noon (Eng);
1-4 p.m. (Esp)

Cultural Diversity
3 CEUs – Competencies: Interpersonal

9/8/16 (Th); 9 a.m.-noon (Eng);
1-4 p.m. (Esp)

For information about CHW certification
Please visit the Texas Department of State Health Services website for the community health worker certification process, available 160-hour training programs for initial certification, and criteria for renewing existing certification.

Additional CHW resources can be found on the Texas Gulf Coast CHW/Promotores Association website and Community Health Worker Texas website.

Please note that our 2016 CHW CEU classes are:
• Offered once in English (morning session) and once in Spanish (afternoon session)
• Subject to change
• Free, but require prior registration via emailed links; space is limited
• Begun promptly; students must be on time and stay the entire class; no partial credit
• Held at the United Way Community Resource Center, 50 Waugh, Houston, TX 77007 

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