Eligibility Calculator

Use this tool to see which Harris Health Discount Plan you may get.

Please answer the three questions below and type your gross monthly household income in the last blank. Gross monthly household income is all the money that all household members get before any deductions.

To get your gross monthly income, if you are not paid monthly:
• Paid weekly: gross income times 4.33.
• Paid every other week: gross income times 2.17.
• Paid twice a month: gross income times 2.
• Paid yearly: gross income divided by 12.

If you have Medicare, you must fill out a Medicare Asset Form and show proof of your current resources and liabilities.

Please answer the following three questions.
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Note:  The amount you type in the last blank will give you an idea which Harris Health Discount Plan you may get. There is no guarantee of a Harris Health Discount Plan until you send all the information to the Harris Health Eligibility Department to check. .

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