Advocate received the kindness of angels

In 1996, Barbara Davis spent Thanksgiving Eve shopping with her husband, Steven, and a close friend. Barbara was driving them home when a drunk driver, traveling at speeds exceeding 100 mph and driving without headlights, plowed into the back of their car. Her husband and friend were killed instantly; Barbara was ejected from her seatbelt and was thrown 100 feet away.

Years earlier, Steven had trained as a volunteer paramedic at Harris Health Ben Taub Hospital. Barbara says, “He told me if I was ever seriously injured I should go to Ben Taub, so that’s where I asked to go. I remember funny things. One of the paramedics asked if they could pray for me. They said the 23rd Psalm. I had no idea they thought I was dying. I thought that was what they did for everyone they took to the hospital.”

Ben Taub’s medical team got to work dealing with broken bones (clavicle, sternum, shoulder, ribs), crushed abdomen and thigh, lacerations to her face and scalp. She received a blood transfusion.

“They were terrific,” Barbara says. “My mother calls everyone there an angel for their kindness.”

Today, Barbara is an advocate for victim’s rights, and she champions tougher laws regarding DUI enforcement and severe punishment for violators. She says that Harris County has the one of the highest numbers of DUI fatalities in the U.S. To bring attention to this fact, Barbara recently helped orchestrate the Shattered Dreams program for the Raul Yzaguirre School for Success and the Tejano Center for Community Concerns.

Barbara remarried. She and her husband, Steve Levine, publish Premier Agent Magazine and are partners in Ignite Inc., a company that helps homeowners save on utility bills. In addition to writing and community activism, she enjoys spending time with her children, Jerry and Gina, and caring for a menagerie of pets.

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