Evelyn Larry

In 1994, Evelyn Larry had a feeling that she had breast cancer. But she couldn’t convince anyone else. Not her doctor and not her daughter, Melleny Ware, who had already dealt with the disease.

It took two mammograms at Harris Health Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital for the tumor to show up. She had a mastectomy, and 27 lymph nodes were removed.

“I don’t have the feeling of cancer anymore,” she says. “I’m a perfect example of how important it is to know your own body. Everyone assumed I wouldn’t have breast cancer because my daughter had it, and there was no other family history. But I knew something was wrong.

“Watching Melleny go through breast cancer showed me how to do it. I had no doubt that if God would take care of her, He’d take care of me. I learned to trust in God.”

She learned other things as well — to cut down on fast food and eat more vegetables. “I learned to care for myself, to stop and smell the roses, to spend more time with my family.”

Since her experience, Evelyn has discovered an extensive family history of the disease. She’s also facing it with her best friend. “I talk with her every day to encourage her. I cook for her, go with her to treatment. I hate to see her go through this.”

Evelyn recommends Harris Health LBJ to everyone. “The care was great,” she says. “Everyone was very nice, friendly and hands-on. They stopped to ask questions, but more important, they listened.”

Retired now, Evelyn stays busy with other Acres Home senior citizens. She cooks, works in her yard and take day trips. Wherever she goes, she encourages friends and family members to have a mammogram.

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