Today She’s a Mom, Thanks to the People at Ben Taub

Heather Croft was in the wrong place at the wrong time. On February 23, 2001, she was enjoying an evening out with two friends, having a great time. But when a third man got into an altercation with her friends, she became the target. He swung a baseball bat at her head, and then ran over her with his truck – twice.

When she awoke up from a coma, she learned that doctors and nurses at Ben Taub Trauma Center were kept busy addressing all her injuries: liver, lung and spleen damage, as well as broken ribs and clavicle.

“My right foot was fractured too,” Heather says, “but it wasn’t set right away, because, frankly, they didn’t think I’d make it.”

Her heart stopped twice, once before and once during surgery, to repair the most pressing problems. She required 47 units of blood. Heather was in Ben Taub for a month, and her physical recovery took a year.

“I’ve tried to get back to normal, whatever that is,” she says. “I worked off-shore, as a company manager, for three years and loved it. I’m married now and have a baby.

“If not for the people at Ben Taub, I wouldn’t be here. The care was unbelievable. They took exceptional care of me – even when they didn’t think I’d make it.

“It’s the place to be. The trauma people not only think fast on their feet, they also think outside the box. It’s only because of them I’m able to be married and have a baby. They are the reason I’m here.

“I’m very thankful.”

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