Rights and Responsibilities

Harris Health System is committed to providing excellent customer service to our patients, visitors and community. The following lists explain what patients can expect to receive during their care (their rights as a patient) and what is expected of patients in return.

As a Harris Health patient, you have the right to:

• Be treated with respect.

• Be given facts about your care. We can find an interpreter or help if you have a problem hearing or seeing.

• Ask those who take care of you to tell you their name, what they are going to do to take care of you, and say what they are going to do for you.

• Get information you need to make choices about your care. This includes the name of your treatment and the risks, the name of the person doing your treatment, how long it will take you to get better, and your treatment choices.

• Refuse treatment if the law allows it.

• Receive your care in private. Your records also will be private.

• Be given a reason if we transfer you to another hospital.

• Agree or refuse to take part in research studies. If you refuse, your care will not change.

• Have your bills explained to you.

• Have a significant other participate in your care.

• Make a complaint and receive a response.

• Be asked about your pain and receive the appropriate pain relief treatments.

• Have access to space and equipment for a private telephone conversation, if desired.

• Decide who may or may not visit you while in the hospital, as clinical conditions permit.

As a Harris Health patient, you have the responsibility to:

• Give us full and honest facts about your health and your health history. Your health history is illnesses, hospital stays, medicine you take or have taken, instructions to your doctor about your care (advance directives), and other health matters.

• Ask questions when you do not understand. Attend classes to learn about your health. You may bring a written list of questions to your appointment.

• Be a partner in your healthcare plan. Talk about your treatment. Follow the plan of care. Tell the doctor about any changes in your health.

• Tell us about changes in your address, phone number and insurance. Give us the correct address, phone number for you and your next of kin.

• Use our services correctly. Refill your medicine on time. Make regular health appointments. Call us for an appointment if you feel sick or need help filling out a form. Keep your appointments and arrive 30 minutes early. Be ready to pay the copay. Call two days in advance to cancel your appointment or as soon as you know that you cannot keep your appointment.

• Pay your part of the bill. Apply for help with paying your medical bills, if needed.

• Treat the people who take care of you, or other patients, and our property with respect and courtesy. Maintain a clean and quiet area.

• Answer our surveys and tell us what we can do better.

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