Primary Care

Through its conveniently located community health centers and school-based clinics, Harris Health System provides more than 800 thousand primary care doctor visits each year. Today, it is the largest public primary care health network in the state of Texas.

The health system offers patients access to medical homes staffed with doctors from Baylor College of Medicine and The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth).

With a fully integrated electronic medical record, Harris Health provides residents with a medical home in their neighborhood and coordinated access to higher levels of care when needed.

Click on the links below to see information specific to each primary care location.

Primary Care Locations

 1. A.C. Taylor Health Clinic

 13. Pediatric & Adolescent Health Center - Bear Creek

 2. Acres Home Health Center

 14. Pediatric & Adolescent Health Center - C.E. Odom

 3. Aldine Health Center

 15. Pediatric & Adolescent Health Center - Pasadena

 4. Baytown Health Center

 16. Robert Carrasco Health Clinic

 5. Casa De Amigos Health Center

 17. Settegast Health Center

 6. Cypress Health Center

 18. Sheldon Health Clinic

 7. Danny Jackson Health Center

 19. Southside Health Clinic

 8. El Franco Lee Health Center

 20. Squatty Lyons Health Center

 9. Goose Creek Health Clinic

 21. Strawberry Health Center

 10. Gulfgate Health Center

 22. Thomas Street Health Center

 11. Martin Luther King Jr. Health Center

 23.  Vallbona Health Center

 12. Northwest Health Center


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