Sleep Disorders Center

Located at Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital, the doctors and sleep specialists at Harris County Hospital District's Sleep Disorders Center can properly diagnose and treat the most debilitating and disruptive sleep disorders. It is one of the few sleep clinics in Houston accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Jointly staffed by physicians from Baylor College of Medicine and UTHealth, the center provides patient care, clinical research and educational training for the growing field of sleep medicine.

The HCHD Sleep Disorders Center hosts about 1,200 adult and pediatric patients per year in four hotel-like patient rooms. Patients suffering from a variety of sleep disorders, including apnea, insomnia, restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy and chronic fatigue syndrome are observed and treated for their specific problem.

Sleep disorders are widespread, often misunderstood, and can cause serious health problems. Many individuals suffer from sleep disorders that lead to on-the-job mishaps, vehicle accidents, reduced personal efficiency and increased irritability.

In addition, sleep disorders increase the risk of the following:
• Heart attacks
• Stroke
• High blood pressure
• Irregular heartbeat conditions
• Other heart ailments

HCHD staff and faculty are dedicated to helping sufferers treat their sleep disorders, thereby improving patients’ overall health and reducing future healthcare costs.

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