Vendor Certifications & Credentialing

If you are interested in becoming an approved vendor with Harris Health System, please review the important information below.

Harris Health uses Reptrax, a vendor credentialing company, to ensure vendor representatives who come onsite desiring to do business with the system on an ongoing basis are properly screened, are familiar with system policies and have the necessary licensure or credentials that may be required to perform activities in a Joint Commission-accredited healthcare setting.

Reptrax obtains information from vendors about their representatives and provides it to Harris Health for requirements, such as:

• Product Training
• Immunization Status
• Background Check
• Debarment Reporting
• Clinical Licensure
• Verification of Employment

Reptrax also provides to vendor representatives Harris Health System policy information in an electronic format. It is the responsibility of the individual representative to review this information and electronically verify familiarity with this information and agree to abide by the content. This information may include, but is not limited, to:

• Various Policy & Procedure Documents
• Harris Health System’s Required Credentials

Reptrax, selected at the system’s sole discretion, does charge an annual fee to a vendor to provide this service to Harris Health. The fee is based on the potential risk a rep represents to Harris Health and its patients, visitors and employees. Reps are required to log-in to the Reptrax Web site upon entering a Harris Health facility or must visit Security to obtain a vendor badge.

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