Volunteer Guidelines

Attendance, Vacation and Sick Time
Harris Health System depends on volunteer support from individuals like you. If you are unable to volunteer, please let your assignment supervisor know as soon as the absence is anticipated. You should also contact the Volunteer & Guest Services Department. If you are taking a vacation or if you need to take extended time off, please let the Volunteer & Guest Services staff know in writing. Include the date you will be leaving and the expected date of return.

Awards & Recognition
Although the highest rewards for volunteering are both intangible and immeasurable, the Harris Health will recognize your valued service by extending the following benefits.

Dress Code/Uniform
All volunteers must wear the following approved volunteer uniform: Your choice of a blue or teal volunteer vest OR a blue or teal volunteer polo shirt. These are to be worn with khaki or black pants or skirt, white shirt with collar (for wearing with the vests) and closed-toe shoes for all assignments. Volunteers are able to purchase uniform vests or polo shirts at the Volunteer & Guest Services office and will be responsible for the maintenance and care of them. The price is $15. Volunteers are not allowed to wear shorts, sleeveless shirts, jeans, sweat pants, sandals or open-toed shoes, labs coats or scrubs. Please wear your volunteer badge at all times and make sure it is visible and worn above the waist.

You are not permitted to accept any type of gifts (including money) from patients. Politely decline the offer and explain that you cannot accept gifts from patients.

Parking Areas

Ben Taub Hospital Parking Garage
You must park in the staff area (Levels 5-9) of the parking garage once you receive your volunteer badge. You will receive a generic parking placard to place on your dashboard that will allow you to park anywhere on Levels 5 -9. After volunteering for 30 hours, you may receive a blue parking placard that allows you to park in the volunteer parking spaces next to the elevator on Level 5. Prior to receiving your volunteer badge, your parking will be validated by Security and/or Volunteer & Guest Services staff.

LBJ Hospital Parking Lots
Parking is located in front and behind LBJ General Hospital. A volunteer coordinator will issue you a parking pass if you volunteer at this facility. You may also park in the paid parking area and the volunteer coordinator will validate your parking ticket.

Smith Clinic Parking Garage
Parking is located in the Smith Clinic Garage. Your badge will allow you access to the garage, please do not take a coin. You may park in any unmarked spot.

Quentin Mease Community Hospital and Heath Center Parking Lots
Free surface parking is available at all community health centers and Quentin Mease Community Hospital.

Personal Items
We ask that you keep all personal items at home. The hospital is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Signing IN and OUT
We ask that you sign in at the Volunteer & Guest Services office at the beginning of your shift and sign out at the end of your shift. This way we know when you are in the hospital as a volunteer, and this is also a way for us to track volunteer hours. After hours and on weekends, please sign in and out at the Hospitality Desk at LBJ and Ben Taub. At each of the community health centers there is a sign-in binder for volunteers located in the administrative offices, unless otherwise noted.

All Harris Health buildings and campuses are smoke-free environments.

Telephone Calls and Cell Phone Usage
Do not use the phone in your volunteer area to make personal phone calls. Pay phones and courtesy phones are available throughout the facilities. In case of an emergency, all calls should be referred to the Volunteer & Guest Services office, and then transferred to the department where you are assigned.

Cell phone use is prohibited in the hospital/clinics. If you must bring your cell phone with you, please make sure it is turned off.

The Volunteer & Guest Services Department reserves the right to terminate your volunteer status as a result of any of the following actions:

  • You do not follow the rules, regulations, policies and procedures set forth by Harris Health.
  • You do not follow the rules set forth by the Volunteer & Guest Services Department.
  • Excessive absences and/or tardiness without notification. 
  • Unsatisfactory job performance, appearance or negative attitude toward your duties.
  • Violation of Harris Health policies on workplace violence and the use of drugs and alcohol.
  • Any other situations that are not in the best interest of Harris Health.

A hospital and/or clinic environment is one in which emotions can rise and fall quickly. If a volunteer encounters problems and/or concerns regarding staff members, patients or a particular protocol, it must be brought to the attention of the Volunteer & Guest Services staff as soon as possible. Do not attempt to discuss or negotiate controversial issues with department members or patients.

If you are having problems with any individual while you are volunteering within our facilities, please notify the Volunteer & Guest Services staff immediately. If you feel threatened or feel as if your safety is in jeopardy, please contact Security.

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