Volunteer Rights & Responsibilities

As a Harris Health System volunteer, you have a right to:

  1. Be matched to a volunteer position that is both worthwhile and challenging, with the freedom to use your skills and to develop new ones.
  2. Be trusted with confidential information that will help you carry out your assignment.
  3. Receive orientation, training and supervision for the position you accept and to know why you are asked to do a particular task.
  4. Be kept informed through newsletters, telephone contacts and e-mail about special events and Harris Health programs.
  5. Expect that your time will not be wasted by lack of planning, coordination and cooperation within the Harris Health Volunteer & Guest Services Program.
  6. Know whether your work is effective and how it can be improved, and to have a chance to increase your understanding of yourself and others at Harris Health.
  7. Ask for alternate assignments with the Harris Health Volunteer & Guest Services Program.

As a Harris Health volunteer, your responsibilities are to:

  1. Use confidential information only as needed to perform your volunteer duties; to not access confidential information without legitimate need/permission, nor in any way divulge, copy, release, sell, lend, revise, alter or destroy any confidential information belonging to Harris Health; and to understand that you will be automatically dismissed as a volunteer if you do not respect your responsibility for maintaining confidentiality.
  2. Understand that it is a crime to solicit business for attorneys and/or insurance companies.
  3. Authorize Harris Health to provide you with a yearly TB skin test as part of your volunteer service. Should you test positive, you understand that you must provide the Volunteer & Guest Services Department with a letter from your physician stating that your TB is inactive before continuing with your volunteer duties.
  4. Understand that you are donating your services to Harris Health without expectation of compensation and are not to solicit employment while performing your volunteer duties.
  5. Understand that the Volunteer & Guest Services Department does not assign volunteers to areas of professional or medical conflicts of interest.
  6. Not sell or attempt to sell any goods or services, solicit monetary or in-kind contributions, or collect/distribute petition signatures on the Harris Health premises.
  7. Understand that you must never attempt to assess or diagnose any patients, nor attempt to perform any medical procedures (e.g., draw blood, insert an IV or any other procedure that requires a medical license) on patients.
  8. Understand that you will be evaluated by the Volunteer & Guest Services Department, as well as the department in which you have been placed. You will also be given the opportunity to evaluate the department and the volunteer duties that have been assigned to you.
  9. Understand that the Volunteer & Guest Services Department reserves the right to terminate your volunteer status as a result of the following: failure to comply with Harris Health System and Volunteer & Guest Services departmental policies, rules and regulations; unsatisfactory attitude, work or appearance/attire; and/or, habitual tardiness and/or absences.
  10. Understand that you are responsible for returning your badge and uniform to the Volunteer & Guest Services Department after completing your volunteer service.

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