Volunteer Training

When you agree to become a Harris Health System volunteer, you become a representative of the Harris Health. To help prepare you for the role, we will train all volunteers on specific hospital policies that apply to them. In order for the Volunteer & Guest Services Department to ensure that patients and their families are receiving quality care from newly trained volunteers, we will have annual skills requirements, based on your position. We appreciate your commitment to learning these policies and taking the necessary assessments to make sure we provide the utmost care to our patients. If you have any questions regarding your training, please contact the Volunteer & Guest Services Department.

New Volunteers
All new volunteers will attend Volunteer Orientation. Your volunteer coordinator at the pavilion to which you are assigned will schedule you for orientation only after they’ve received your application and your background check has been completed. If you can’t attend your scheduled orientation, please call your volunteer coordinator to make other training arrangements.

Annual Skills Requirements
All volunteers need to be trained annually on certain skills/competencies. Some
volunteers, based on their position assignment, will need additional annual training. Your
volunteer coordinator will notify you of all your annual trainings and how to complete these requirements.

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