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Marion Forbes

​​"My nurses encouraged me to pull through."

Marion Forbes says you have to forgive to be forgiven, and he's forgiven the man who shot him twice in his left arm and back. The shots punctured his lung and fractured his ribs. Unresponsive when he arrived at Ben Taub Hospital, he was rushed into surgery where doctors removed part of his lung. He was sedated and on a ventilator in the intensive care unit for almost a month.

When an MRI revealed blood clots around his heart, he had another emergency surgery to remove them. After two months at Ben Taub, he spent a week at Quentin Mease Hospital, rebuilding his strength and learning to walk again.

Depression slowed Marion's recovery. He has four boys, a 10-, 2-, 1-year old and 3-month-old. "My biggest fear was that I wouldn't live to care for them. I'm a provider and protector," he says. "I had some tough decisions to make. I want my kids to be stand-up guys. I'm still learning some of the lessons I want to teach them. I'm teaching them to accept the good with the bad and to have faith in God because that's what got me through."

Though Marion was in an induced coma during much of his stay at Ben Taub, he says his care was excellent. The staff welcomed and cared for his girlfriend, Megan.

He remembers a very real dream. "I was a baby in a basket and was freezing cold. Angels kept me warm, and asked God to give me another chance." Human angels cared for him around the clock. "My nurses did their job to the fullest. They encouraged me to pull through." Now he uses his experience to encourage others.

Marion has an entrepreneurial spirit and several ideas in the making. While they come together, he's working in construction to support his family. Talking about his future puts a big smile on his face. "What I see is peace, love, joy and happiness."