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The Rounds

Medical Staff Committee Spotlight: Professionalism and Well-Being 

The Professionalism and Well-Being (PAW) Committee was created in January 2019 as a joint Baylor and UTHealth Houston medical staff committee to promote physician professionalism and wellness. The committee is co-chaired by Asim Shah, MD (Psychiatry/Baylor), and David Robinson, MD (Emergency Medicine/UTHealth Houston), and meets at noon the third Friday of each month. It has seven medical staff members in addition to the two co-chairs.


The PAW Committee is focused on physician well-being and protection, and upholds our medical staff standards of professionalism via a supportive and non-punitive approach. Committee proceedings are confidential, and there is no reporting outside of Harris Health System. The committee may also offer trainings for the medical staff on topics such as well-being and burnout prevention. Its function is to help physicians regain optimal performance by addressing professionalism.


Physician Wellness

Bringing back your passion for being a doctor with helpful resources from American Medical Association (AMA), Harris County Medical Society (HCMS)

Helpful Numbers, if you feel overwhelmed:
  • HCMS Physician Wellness Program – Designed to connect physicians with psychiatrists and psychologists who can provide needed help. If you need assistance, call HCMS at 713-524-4267 and ask for the Physician Wellness Program. This program is not a solution for emergencies. If you’re thinking about suicide, or are worried about a colleague, call 911 or your local emergency department.
  • Physician Support Line – For physicians struggling with burnout, and mental health issues, volunteer psychiatrists are offering anonymous peer support seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. Call 1-888-409-0141.
  • The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD – 24-hour Crisis Hotline at 713-970-7000, and 24/7 Mobile Crisis Outreach Team at 713-970-7520.  
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – Provides 24/7 free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals. Call 1-800-273-8255. 
Seminars, Events and CME Activities:
These programs focus on solutions, not just the problem, and are open to all physicians.
Quality/Safety Digest: Drug Safety
QT prolongation is a heart conduction system disorder that can be congenital or acquired. Acquired causes include electrolyte abnormalities and, more commonly, certain medications (listed below).
Practice Considerations: 1) Consider obtaining a baseline EKG prior to initiating medications known to affect QT interval 2) Consider serial EKGs or placing telemetry orders for patients receiving high-risk medications or multiple moderate-risk medications, 3) Involve nursing staff in the patient’s plan of care, including monitoring requirements.

Clinical Documentation Improvement Tip – Pathology
Best Documentation Practices: 
  • ​Unable to code from the Pathology report
  • Review the Pathology report and document the diagnosis throughout the record
  • Update discharge documentation if the pathology report is received post-discharge
  • Confirm diagnoses when clarification queries are submitted post-discharge



Remember to clinically validate your diagnosis within the medical record with justifiable, supported clinical criteria. See examples in attached reference sheet

Informatics Update
Eight important updates for the Epic EHR 

Physician Kudos 
Exceptional feedback from our patients about our doctors

Homayoun Ataei, MD 
Family Practice
Vallbona Health Center
Baylor College of Medicine
“This is my first time being a patient at Harris Health System and I was very much impressed by the staff and cleanliness of the clinic. Dr. Ataei has impeccable bedside manners with a very compassionate heart of gold. He literally understands the importance of bed rest when it comes to illness and work. Kudos to Dr. Ataei for his compassion towards his patients. “I had to drive 30 minutes to Vallbona Health Center. Nevertheless, I had a very good first time experience.” 

Reeva Yogesh Patel, MD
Emergency Medicine 
Ben Taub Hospital Emergency Center
Baylor College of Medicine
“I thought Dr. Patel was very professional. She was great. She made me feel a lot more comfortable about the situation that I have. The facility was very clean. The other staff were great. It was just a great facility, through and through. It was a different experience than I thought it was going to be, but I was glad that it was what it was. I really appreciate you all. Thank you.” 

Jessica L. Wilson, MD
Emergency Medicine
Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital Emergency Center
McGovern Medical School at UTHealth Houston 

“The doctor who saw me last week, she was good. She was precise and kind. She is a sweet physician, and also professional.”

Thank you for your service!