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Committee Meetings

Pursuant to Texas Government Code §551.007, members of the public are invited to attend the regular meetings of the Harris Health System Board of Trustees and may address the Board during the public comment segment regarding an official agenda item that the Board will discuss, review, or take action upon, or regarding a subject related to healthcare or patient care rendered at Harris Health System. Public comment will occur prior to the consideration of all agenda items.​

Harris Health System Board Committee Meetings generally start between 8 -9 a.m. Agenda items may be taken out of order.

The following agenda items may be viewed and printed using Adobe® Reader.

Meeting Video - Live

Meeting Video - Archive


​2022 Committee Meetings ​ ​   ​
​Meeting Schedule Public NoticesMeeting Material
Due to the lack of in person quorum, as required by the Texas Open Meeting Act, the Quality Committee meeting scheduled for Tuesday, September 6, 2022 is hereby canceled​.
​9/8/2022​ (canceled)



2021 Committee Meetings ​ ​
​Meeting Schedule Public Notices & ​Agendas
​1/11/2021 Agenda​
​1/14/2021 Agendas
​2/8/2021 ​Agenda
​2/11/2021 Agendas
​3/8/2021 Agenda​
​3/11/2021 ​Agendas
4/5/2021​ Agenda
​4/8/2021 Agendas
​5/10/2021 Agenda
5/13/2021​ Agendas
​6/7/2021 Agenda
​6/10/2021 Agendas
​8/9/2021 ​Agenda
​8/12/2021 Agendas
​9/7/2021 ​Agenda


Due to the lack of in person quorum, as required by the Texas Open Meetings Act, the Budget & Finance Committee scheduled for September 9, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. has been canceled.

​10/11/2021 Agenda
​10/14/2021 Agendas​​
​11/8/2021 ​Agenda
​11/11/2021 Agendas



2020 Committee Meetings ​ ​
​Meeting Schedule Public Notices & ​Agendas
​1/9/2020 Agenda
​2/13/2020 Agenda
​3/12/2020 Agenda
Supplemental Notice of
Emergency Agenda Item

​4/9/2020 Agenda
​5/14/2020 Agenda
​6/11/2020 Agenda
​8/13/2020 Agenda
​9/10/2020 Agenda
​10/5/2020 Agenda
​10/8/2020 Agenda
​11/9/2020 Agenda
​11/12/2020 Agendas