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Over 90% of medical staff at Harris Health have been vaccinated against COVID 19. This modeling of a tried and true disease prevention practice is a much needed example for our community. While 50% of Harris County residents have had at least one shot, there are many more individuals who need to be convinced. As respected leaders in the community, what you say matters. Continue to tell people in your spheres of influence about the safety of the COVID vaccine and the protection it provides. Many of you have seen firsthand the extremes of illness that can come from a COVID infection. People will listen to you, so use your voice and expertise to help convince others to get vaccinated.

One Harris Health System is the third Pillar of the new strategic plan. Henry Ford famously said “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” The combined excellence and expertise of Harris Health, Baylor College of Medicine, and UTHealth McGovern Medical School are an incredible resource for Harris County. The more we work together to identify best practices that are applied throughout our system, the better care patients will receive—consistent, high-quality care no matter where they enter our system. Physician collaboration across the hospital and ambulatory sites is essential to achieving true integration and the vision of One Harris Health. Below you will see a snapshot of Pillar 3.

Executive sponsors of Pillar 3 include the EVPs of Ben Taub, LBJ and ACS, the SVP of Nursing Affairs, and physician representatives from UT and BCM, Drs. Hashim Zaidi and Greg Buehler.

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