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Purchasing Guidelines

The Harris Health System builds and maintains honest, ethical relationships with our vendors and contractors. Important aspects of these relationships, including key Harris Health vendor compliance requirements, are outlined below.

Patient Privacy
The Harris Health System expects vendors and contractors to maintain the confidentiality of patient information and protect it from unauthorized use and disclosure. If you will be accessing patient information, your firm will be asked to enter into a Business Associate Agreement with Harris Health.

Fraud and Abuse
Read the Code of Conduct. Harris Health staff and vendors are expected to conduct business in an ethical and legal manner as defined in the Code of Conduct. Staff and vendors shall report potential or suspected incidents of fraud and abuse and other wrongdoing.

Conflict of Interest
Vendors may not give gifts to Harris Health System employees, except non-monetary gifts of nominal value ($25 or less) and only if the gift is not intended to influence the employees' judgment or performance of duties.
If an individual vendor or contractor becomes aware of a potential conflict of interest, it must be reported to the Corporate Compliance Officer within three business days of becoming aware of the potential conflict.

Sanction Screening
Vendors must disclose whether a member of the vendor's firm is an ineligible person for the purpose of participation in federal healthcare programs or procurement programs.​