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Patient Testimonials

​The following stories are examples of patients whose lives have been touched by the Harris Health System.

Roberta Arriaga is an operating room nurse at a Houston hospital, so she is familiar with caring for patients. However, she’s always been the caretaker, never a patient. 

Eduardo Barreda is an Oklahoman who moved to Texas in search of an education and new experiences as a college student. Little did he know, the beginning of this new chapter would take a dramatic turn and land him in the hospital battling for his life. 

Even though Friday, April 15, 2022, was a holiday, Alan Brochstein had just finished working. He had a lot planned—it was Good Friday, Passover and he and his wife, Fran, were celebrating their 32nd wedding anniversary. He decided to enjoy the early afternoon with a bike ride and promised Fran he’d be home before hosting a small seder, a traditional Jewish dinner for Passover. 

Maria Luz Escobar Nuñes’ 67th birthday didn’t end how she planned. On June 19, 2023, as she was getting ready for work, she slipped and fell in the bathroom.

Jesus Gonzalez noticed a tree in his yard needed trimming. Instead of hiring someone, he decided to do it himself. What started as a simple task, quickly turned catastrophic.

Miguel Abel Guajardo Jr. is a dad who enjoys playing baseball and working to advance his rap music career. But Gudo didn’t expect to be shot in the head and arm while doing what he loves.  

Cory Odeniyi was driving home from a friend’s birthday party when a driver drifted into oncoming traffic and hit his car head on. 

Growing up, Marcus Sanchez Jr. played football, basketball and baseball. And often, you’d find him running in Memorial Park or biking along the bayou. But his favorite activity and most cherished role is being a father to his six-year-old daughter and his two-year old son. 

Rosia Wilkerson was enjoying lunch with her daughter when she remembered she had to review some papers. Making her way back to the table, she sat down, but missed the chair and fell.​