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We Ask Because We Care

We Ask Because We Care is Harris Health’s awareness campaign around asking patients more about themselves and their health-related social needs. If you are a Harris Health patient, you will be asked questions such as your preferred language, current living situation, and gender identity. 

Why? This information allows us to provide each patient the best care possible to meet their individual health needs. As a system, it allows us to understand our patients and identify how we can improve health in our community.

It is your choice to provide this information. You can choose to opt out. 

​Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we ask about race, ethnicity, and language? 
We want to ensure that our patients get the best care possible. We will use this information:
  • To better understand our community
  • To help identify areas where we can provide additional services and programming
  • To understand the need for interpreter services
Why do we ask about sexual orientation and gender identity?
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity data collection has been recommended by both the National Academy of Medicine and the Joint Commission as a way to learn about which populations are being served and to measure the quality of care provided to all people, including people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ+). 
  • Collecting this data allows us to better understand what is happening in the LGBTQ+ community that Harris Health serves. 
  • Without collecting this data, LGBTQ+ patients and their specific health needs cannot be identified, the health disparities they experience cannot be addressed, and important services may not be delivered. Examples include:
    • Appropriate preventive screenings
    • Assessments of risk for HIV, Cervical Cancer, and STIs (sexually transmitted infections)
    • Behavioral health concerns as a result of stigma against LGBTQ+ patients
How will my information be used and who will see it? 
The information you provide is confidential, and will only be shared with your healthcare providers and others who are authorized to see your medical record. Harris Health is committed to protect your privacy and any information that you share with us.

Why do we ask about food, utilities, transportation, and other social needs? 
We ask so that we can connect you to the right resources to address your needs.

How can I get assistance at Harris Health with some of these social needs that may impact my health?
Ask to meet with your clinical care manager or social worker. Or, you can also search for low-cost resources near you using

What if I don’t feel comfortable answering? 
You can opt out of answering any questions. 

For help with community resources, visit our resource finder at:​