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Health Information Exchange

What is a Health Information Exchange (HIE)? 
HIE allows your doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare providers to appropriately access and securely share your vital health information electronically—improving the speed, quality, safety and cost of patient care—with other healthcare providers who participate in the exchange.

Harris Health System is a member of the following Health Information Exchanges: 
Why is HIE important, and how will a patient benefit by participating? 
HIEs give healthcare providers access to your health and medical information for continued care, helping with the coordination of care among various providers. This coordination helps the healthcare team meet your needs in a more effective and timely manner. 

HIEs may: 
  • ​Reduce the possibility of medical errors due to incomplete or inaccurate information
  • Improve appropriate treatment recommendations
  • Improve patient-physician communication, as well as communication across the continuum of your care
  • Reduce the need for you to pick-up and/or deliver medical records
  • Reduce orders for duplicate tests and procedures
Is HIE helpful to my provider(s)? 
An HIE gives your providers convenient access to timely information about your health to help facilitate decisions based on more comprehensive information. The exchange provides patient records to all participating care points. It saves your doctors or healthcare providers time when tracking down important information about you and gives your physicians any additional information to consider when developing your treatment plans. 

Are my records private and secure? 
Yes. The privacy and security of your health information is very important to Harris Health. Information is encrypted during transmission between systems, and healthcare personnel have a secure login to access your information. Policies and procedures are in place to maintain confidentiality and appropriate use of your information. 

If I participate in an HIE, is my health information available to anyone on the Internet?
No. Your health information remains private and secure. It is only accessible by authorized healthcare personnel. 

What types of information are shared in HIEs?
Harris Health may share test results, listing of medications, allergies, practitioner names, immunizations, radiology images, problem lists, consents, advance directives and other clinical information involved in your care. The information shared also includes patient identifiers such as name, date of birth, address and other demographic information.

Do I need to take action to participate in an HIE? 
No. Harris Health gives everyone the benefit of participating in health information exchanges. 

Can I choose not to participate in an HIE? 
Yes. It is your choice to not have your information shared electronically through an HIE. You can choose to opt-out at registration or via email at Remember, by opting-out, your information will not be shared with your other providers through the exchange. This could mean a delay in your care or possibly retaking a number of diagnostic tests or exams. 

Can I receive a copy of the records that my provider obtained through HIE? 
Yes. To receive your complete Harris Health medical record, contact Harris Health’s Health Information Management Department via email at​