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Patient Centered Medical Home

Harris Health System puts you and your care at the center of our attention.

Your medical home is more than a doctor’s office or health center. It’s a place where you can go for a variety of services to help keep you healthy.

At Harris Health System, the term medical home describes our network of health centers and clinics where patients have an ongoing relationship with a personal physician who provides patient-centered, coordinated and high-quality care.

At your medical home, you have many people who watch over you — a doctor, nurses, social workers, dietitians and others who care about your health. They are there for you, to answer your questions, remind you about check-ups and tests, to help keep you healthy so you can enjoy time with your family, your work and all aspects of your life. 

Your medical home is your starting point for all levels of medical care, with a focus on prevention. But if you need special care from another doctor or hospital specialty, your medical home team will coordinate your care to help you find the right person at the right place.

Your primary care team provides individualized attention, supports you by providing better communication and creates strong relationships with you.

Know your primary care team: your allies in your healthcare journey

  • Doctor: Helps guide your care plan from the beginning and monitors your progress through periodic follow-ups.
  • Pharmacist: Helps with needed medications and helps adjust your doses.
  • Nurse: Helps with your physical assessments and referrals.
  • Social Worker or Case Manager: Helps you get access to resources in the community such as transportation, literacy classes or information about Harris Health’s food prescription program through its dedicated ‘food farmacies.’
  • Nutritionist: Helps with healthy eating and exercise to achieve your various goals including weight management.
  • Nurse Patient Educator: Helps you learn about your chronic disease and how to better self-manage and control it through timely and preventive interventions.

Know your options and learn how to navigate resources available to you through your medical home.
When immediate needs arise and you do not have an appointment with your provider, consider visiting any of Harris Health’s Same Day Clinics.

Technology makes it easy to get healthcare attention when and how you need it. You can reach your providers using:
• MyHealth
• Virtual visits
• Ask My Nurse