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Breast Cancer Survivors 2017

Samantha Anzaldua-Ibañez was told it was likely her birth control pills that were causing lumps in her breasts. The lumps persisted and she became more concerned. After a doctor ordered an ultrasound and a biopsy, they discovered she had cancer.


Cesilia Batres felt a sharp pain in her left breast in August 2016 and thought it was related to her fibromyalgia. Her primary care physician at Harris Health System’s Aldine Health Center didn’t think so—directing her to get a mammogram.


Sonia Benavidez is thankful to many people for their support of her through her battle with breast cancer: her sons and daughter who inspired her, her mother who was with her during every step of her recovery, her church, the neighbor who offered daily reminders that she wasn’t alone and to Harris Health System for its medical care.


When Jacqueline Bryce felt a lump in her left breast she tried to ignore it. But her doctor didn't. After a mammogram at Smith Clinic and a biopsy a week later, she was diagnosed with stage IB cancer.


Dealing with cancer was the scariest chapter of Cynthia Butler’s life. She regularly examined her breasts, so when she felt a lump and realized how quickly it was growing, she saw her doctor and scheduled a mammogram and ultrasound. A biopsy revealed cancer.


“You have to go through it to get through it.” That’s how Camilla Clark describes the way she dealt with breast cancer. In 2016, when she was diagnosed following a mammogram and biopsy, she was numb. “I still don’t feel anything about it,” she says.

In 2002, Cheryl Everitt felt a lump in her right breast. After a mammogram, biopsy, chemotherapy, mastectomy and radiation, she was cancer- free. However, the treatment and a three-week stay in a hospital for infection took their toll.


Denitra Ferguson is a woman who takes care of everyone around her. She credits good health, regular exercise, healthy eating, faith and a positive attitude with getting her through her diagnosis and treatment.


Thankfully, no time was wasted when Luz Corina Ramirez found a lump in her breast in December 2015. She immediately saw her primary care physician at Strawberry Health Center who referred her to Smith Clinic for diagnostic exams.


Margarita Saenz never had an idea that something might be wrong. She was 48 when last year’s annual check-up revealed breast cancer. A suspicious mammogram led to an ultrasound, then a biopsy indicated stage III cancer in her right breast and lymph nodes.


Sheila Taylor was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 after a mammogram at Aldine Health Center and a biopsy at Smith Clinic. From the very beginning, she says, “I was surrounded by caring people who were very encouraging. That made all the difference in the world.”


When Freda White was diagnosed with fibrocystic breast disease in her 20s, she became diligent about doing breast-self exams. Her diligence paid off when she felt something suspicious that turned out to be aggressive cancer, stage I.