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Brian Worster

"The doctors who saved my life are at Ben Taub."

Brian Worster is clear about why he tells his story: If people find themselves in Ben Taub Hospital following a traumatic event, they should know they are in the right place.

In April 2017, a truck tire bounced across a highway median and went through Brian's windshield. It caused multiple head and brain injuries, damaged the left side of his face and fractured a vertebra – any of the injuries could have caused long-term damage. "Nothing went wrong," he says, "because the doctors and nurses did such an incredible job."

Brian's first month in Ben Taub is a blur. "I was awake in five-minute spurts."

His facial and skull fractures, including a broken eye socket, required four surgeries to relieve pressure and make repairs with screws and plates. "They put titanium mesh behind my eye. I give the doctors major credit," Brian says. "They put everything back together so well, I have almost no side effects, and my sight is only minimally affected. I thank God and the doctors that my life is the same as it was before the accident."

"These doctors do incredible work. My nurses were absolutely wonderful, very attentive. I remember one bummer of a day when volunteers brought dogs to visit. That turned my day around."

Before the accident, Brian worked out and dieted to be in shape for his upcoming wedding, but he hadn't planned on losing 35 pounds in the hospital. Nor had he anticipated dizziness, poor memory and restriction from driving for six months. He used that time to learn to cook. He became so good at it, he gained 45 pounds and was back to dieting.

He also did lots of teasers and aptitude tests to exercise his brain. Now he's learning Spanish and feels he's "better than ever." Brian got back to work sooner than anticipated and is looking forward to the next phase of his life, which includes marriage.

"The doctors who saved my life are at Ben Taub. I was taken there specifically because it has the best trauma surgeons around. They took a disaster and made a work of art."

"Hope is powerful. It made a positive recovery possible. Now I know there is no obstacle I can't overcome."