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Corey Rush

"Life changes so quickly."

July 4, 2017, was a memorable day for Corey Rush. From his sister's house, he walked with his girlfriend, Kabrica, his brother and his three children to a nearby store. A passing SUV jumped the curb and hit Corey. The driver stopped, checked his car for damage and drove off.

Corey was severely injured. He suffered brain damage; all his ribs were broken and his left lung punctured; his pelvic bones were broken; his leg had a compound fracture; and, from his knee down, his leg was rotated 180 degrees.

Kabrica called 911, and an ambulance took him to Ben Taub Hospital. Though he has no memory of his first few days there, Corey had surgery to mend his lung, and his left leg was repaired with rods and screws. His brain injury was medically treated.

Once he began to heal, Corey was transferred to Quentin Mease Hospital where he began to regain his mobility.

Kabrica, who spent every available minute with Corey, says his care was "awesome. If we needed anything, the nurses were there to help us. Everyone told us Ben Taub was the best. We were blessed the ambulance took him there.

"Quentin Mease was great, too. They helped him exercise his leg and begin to walk and learn how to do all the things he needed to do when he got home."

Getting home was important to the family. "I met Corey when I was 12," she says. "The children are all 'daddy's kids.' Until this happened, I didn't realize how much he meant to us."

The couple urges everyone to be aware of their surroundings and to be careful. Kabrica says, "Corey is our protector. That's why he was walking nearest the road. One minute we were all laughing and talking. The next minute, we were screaming. Life changes so quickly."

Corey's leg is still healing, and he has not been released to work. When Kabrica leaves for work each morning, Corey gets the two older children off to school and cares for 4-year-old Colby the rest of the day. "It's teamwork," she says.