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Cynthia Goodie

Cynthia Goodie is a woman on the go. This talented lady sews, embroiders, quilts, designs clothes and accessories, makes intricate wreaths and is sure to get in her daily walk.

She credits her active lifestyle to her good health, positive outlook and the care she’s received at Vallbona Health Center.

While she was tentative during her initial visit to Vallbona, Cynthia is quick to say that she will not be going to any other healthcare provider.

“I’m picky about my healthcare,” she says. “I could go to another doctor if I wanted to, but I’m not leaving my Vallbona family. Everybody knows me and they are concerned for my well-being.”

A patient since 2005, Cynthia has seen many improvements at the health center.

One is the incorporation of the MyHealth app—Cynthia’s favorite healthcare gadget. The app is available to all patients; it allows patients to communicate with their doctor, refill prescriptions, view test results and reminds them of upcoming appointments.

“If anything is bothering me, I request an appointment time that is convenient for me on the app,” she says. “And if I ever have a question, I email my doctor through it and she is quick to respond—usually within 48 hours. Everything I need to know about my healthcare is available on my phone and at Vallbona.”

Another perk for Cynthia is Ask My Nurse, the 24/7 phone line staffed with registered nurses that is available to all Harris Health patients.

Cynthia has found her medical home at Vallbona thanks to the relationships she has built. She’s even recruited 10 family members and friends to Harris Health.

“When I see the staff and how they interact with me and other patients, you can tell they care for you,” she says. “While there may be a short wait, the staff keep us informed and update us of any changes.”