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Freddie Jackson

Freddie Jackson says he’s very familiar with Lyndon B. Johnson and Ben Taub hospitals. He helped build them. He laid bricks, installed floors and painted. But he never wanted to be a patient in either of them.

Yet when he was involved in a car accident last November, he was proud of LBJ and the staff members who cared for him. Freddie and a friend were returning home after a late afternoon errand. Freddie’s friend, the driver, stopped for a red light, then accelerated when the light turned green. Their car was broadsided by another one traveling about 75 mph. Freddie was knocked into the console.

EMTs extricated him through the driver’s door and rushed him, unconscious, to LBJ. In spite of fractured ribs and vertebrae and lacerated liver and lungs, he believes his injuries would have been much worse without the car’s airbag.

Freddie was in the hospital five days and in physical therapy for three months before he could walk. Effects of the accident linger: he is still nervous about riding in a car.

“Everyone at LBJ treated me really nice. The nurses were very respectful. One day soon, I want to take them pizzas as a thank you. I’d recommend the hospital to anyone,” he says.

A busy man, Freddie is involved with his three grown children; the youngest is graduating from high school this year. He and his brother care for their mother. In his spare time, he enjoys playing pool and dominoes. He’s happy to be back in the swing of things.