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Lucille Taylor

Lucille Taylor went to an emergency clinic last November when her right breast became swollen and painful.  It was eventually diagnosed as stage IV breast cancer.

She quickly scheduled an appointment with an oncologist at Harris Health System’s Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital. She received seven months of chemotherapy through infusion and now continues with pills. She and her doctor are pleased her tumor is shrinking.

“The infusion nurses are beautiful, sweet ladies,” she says. “Everyone has been really good to me.”

She met the nurses for the first time the day before Thanksgiving. Two days later, she joined the crowds of Black Friday for early Christmas shopping to be around happy people, which set the tone for her treatment. When she started losing her hair, she shaved her head—and liked it.

Taylor’s boyfriend says, “From the beginning, she asked me, ‘Keep me busy. Make me stay active.’ I didn’t have to. I never saw her down. We motivate each other.”

There hasn’t been a day she hasn’t wanted to get dressed up because “it makes me feel good.”

“I laugh all the time and stay focused and positive,” she says. “People don’t understand how I keep going, but I understand. It’s God.”

Taylor isn’t the only person in her family dealing with cancer, her two sisters are currently in remission. One cousin has thyroid cancer, and another has prostate cancer.

“We support each other all the time,” she says.

A self-professed fighter, Taylor has chemo on Wednesdays and is back at work on Thursdays as a caregiver for mentally-impaired patients.

“I’m going to continue to fight and be positive,” she says. “I don’t want anything negative around me. I take care of myself. I have faith and as long as there is hope—there is life.

“I plan to see my 12 grandkids and step-daughter graduate. I plan to grow old and become even happier. I also plan for some wealth and travel.”

“And I will be beside her every step of the way,” her boyfriend says.