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Trauma Survivors 2016

The following stories are examples of patients whose lives have been touched by the Harris Health System.

Marissa Gonzales
The October evening was special for 17-year-old Marissa Gonzales. She joined friends and family members in celebrating father’s 38th birthday. Although he was drinking, when he got behind the wheel to get a late-night snack, several people went along. Driving erratically and too fast, he lost control of the truck, hit a metal railing, flipped twice and hit a tree. Marissa was sitting in the backseat, without a seatbelt.

Louis Alcee “Al” Hebert, III
Queen wasn’t Al Hebert’s preferred band. But it was his wife’s favorite, so he was happy to come with Lauren to Houston for a concert in July 2014. Before they left town, Al was struck by a car.


Andrew Medrano
Andrew Medrano remembers only glimpses of his motorcycle accident in January 2016 and the care that followed. He remembers riding in Kingwood after dark and the impact when he was t-boned on his right side. He woke up yards away from his motorcycle.

Charles Molina
Charles Molina is a night owl. It wasn’t unusual for him to work out at his favorite gym then shop for groceries at 1:30 a.m. But the uneasy feeling as he left the grocery store was unusual.

Kathryn Pusser
On February 26, 2016, the local news caught Kathy Pusser and her horse’s fall as the Los Vaqueros Trail Riders made their way to Houston for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Parade.

Terrell Wayne Rogers
“God’s not through with me.” That’s the only explanation Terrell Wayne Rogers has for his miraculous recovery from a traumatic brain injury.


Rocio Salas
Rocio doesn’t remember her first two months at Ben Taub. She collapsed while shopping with her 5-year-old son. She woke up weeks later to learn she’d had a neurological event and several organs had failed.

Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez worked 34 years as a carpenter with no accidents.“ This one made up for it,” he says. In May 2014, he was 25 feet in the air when his ladder slipped, and he fell onto the concrete below. He knew he was hurt, but he couldn’t feel the pain, so he didn’t know the extent of the injury.

Lottie Stephens
Lottie Stephens is an independent woman. She also says she’s impatient. So when she was shopping at a Sam’s Club and could not find a cart, she started to the parking lot to track one down. She was hit by a van on the way.

Christopher Young
In May 2014, 28-year-old Chris Young was winding down his teaching responsibilities for the school year and planning a summer life-guarding job while he worked on his master’s degree in exercise health science. All plans were suspended when his motorcycle was rear-ended and he flew 40 feet.