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Trauma Survivors 2019

Michael Booker was a safe driver throughout his career with the City of Houston and after retirement, but no matter how careful he was, he couldn’t control other drivers.


Since Malis Hasimovic had a motorcycle accident in August 2018, he and his family are thankful he was wearing a helmet and suffered no head injuries. The rest of his body was not so fortunate.


It was the end of the work week, and Dwayne Johnson, owner of Airport Transportation and Spanky’s Car Detail, was closing up shop. As he vacuumed the back of a mini-van, a customer drove onto the property and lost his brakes. The car careened into Dwayne, pinning him between the two vehicles causing a traumatic amputation of his left leg.


Jessica Jones was a passenger in a friend’s car in June 2018 when it bumped a median and crashed into a wall. Her side of the car received all the impact. Jessica suffered a lacerated kidney, five broken ribs, a broken thumb on her right hand, two broken fingers on her left hand and two broken bones in her left arm.

Independence is a good personality trait, one that made Mariela Luna proud. Unfortunately, a car accident in June 2018 changed her. She was driving to work when a car stopped in front of her. Mariela swerved to miss the car, hit a wall and was thrown from the car. Her most serious injury was a broken back.


Juan Falcon Palacios, who works in a recycling facility, was changing a forklift tire when the tire exploded. The rim hit him in the torso, knocking him backward about four feet.


When Maria Rios thinks of her auto accident and recovery, the word that comes to mind is “ordeal.” The fact that she overcame all it entailed makes her feel strong.


Remember this name: Jerald Scott. You’ll know him one day as a motivational speaker, coach and mentor. You’ll appreciate his big heart. This 31-year-old recently lost his right leg in a traumatic motorcycle accident, but he treats it as nothing more than an inconvenience, an interruption to his basketball game.