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Lida Cruz

It was a normal day in September 2019 when Lida Cruz stopped on her driveway to open the gate. When she got out of the truck, it started rolling backward. When she rushed back to take the truck out of gear, she was hit by the door and knocked into the street. The truck rolled onto her torso and over her left shoulder. She reacted fast enough to turn her head out of the path of the tire.

A neighbor moved her truck and called for an ambulance while directing traffic. As she was rushed to Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital, Lida drifted in and out of consciousness. She had trouble breathing. She later learned she had three broken ribs, damaged lungs and bruises on her feet, legs, torso and eye.

Doctors kept her in the hospital six days to let her body heal. Physical therapists worked with her at the bedside to help her learn to move through the extreme soreness. For 15 days, she was unable to walk unassisted.

Her niece, Alinson, was a rock. She moved into Lida’s home to keep things running smoothly and become her caregiver. Lida was motivated by her daughter, 18, and son, 15.

Though Lida knew she was diabetic, she was not diligent about controlling the disease. Hospital staff helped her get back on track and understand the importance of good nutrition. They introduced a new eating plan to Alinson, and Lida is proud of the lifestyle and dietary changes she’s made so far. She arranged for follow-up care at Martin Luther King Health Center to continue the progress.

Lida and all her family are pleased with the care she received at LBJ. She says, “I’m very thankful. They took very good care of me, and they helped my family.”

Lida says she learned a valuable lesson. “If this happens to you,” she warns, “get out of the way. Don’t ever try to stop a vehicle.”