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Rosia Wilkerson

Rosia Wilkerson was enjoying lunch with her daughter when she remembered she had to review some papers.

Making her way back to the table, she sat down, but missed the chair and fell.

“I was hurting so bad,” she says.

Her daughter, Dedarah Lewis, quickly called 911.

Paramedics rushed Wilkerson to Harris Health Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital where they confirmed she broke her right hip. Hours later she was taken into surgery.

“I received excellent care,” she recalls. 

Within a day of surgery, a physical therapist came by to start her rehabilitation.

“That first physical therapist didn’t play,” Lewis recalls. “Mom wasn’t sure she wanted to get up. But she did, and afterwards she said it felt good to get up.”

During her week-long stay at the hospital, Wilkerson said the staff were kind and generous to her.

“I’m a bit nervous when I walk and I still have to work on my balance,” she says. “But I had some good nurses caring for me. This was my first broken bone, and I hope it’s my last.”

Wilkerson continues physical therapy and goes to a community center for group exercise.