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Trauma Survivors 2017

​The following stories are examples of patients whose lives have been touched by the Harris Health System.

Roscoe Anderson
After giving a friend a ride, Roscoe headed home. He made a right turn onto Scott Street after looking both ways. The light was green, there was no lowered train crossing arm, and he heard no train whistle. Even so, a METRO train hit his truck along its length on the driver’s side.

Henry Ascencio
Bostonian Henry Ascencio came to Houston to learn car collision repair and found a second passion—motorcycles. When he wasn’t working, Henry was riding with a group of fellow enthusiasts. The more he rode, the more risks he took.

Romulo De la Rosa
Romulo De la Rosa had been warned that someone had it in for him, but he didn’t take the warning seriously. On May 17, 2016, he was having a drink with a friend when he heard someone was outside looking for him. Out he went, and he was met with gunfire.

Gloria Guevara
Gloria Guevara was always on the go. On a Saturday in October 2016, she was filling in at her sister’s farmers market booth. As she stepped out of the market’s restroom, an area routinely blocked from traffic, she was struck by a car.

Freddie Jackson
Freddie Jackson says he’s very familiar with Lyndon B. Johnson and Ben Taub hospitals. He helped build them. He laid bricks, installed floors and painted. But he never wanted to be a patient in either of them.

Ivory Lindsey
One of the first things you notice about Ivory Lindsey is his soft, melodic voice. That isn’t so noteworthy until you realize he was not expected to talk at all. On May 1, 2016, after the group hosted a fundraiser and his horse, Jo Jo Dancer, had participated in a friendly race, Ivory was leading Jo Jo on a cool-down walk. Without warning, a horse across a fence grabbed Ivory by the throat and clamped down.

Madelyn Louis
During a family gathering, when Madelyn Louis volunteered to pick up something from a store less than a mile from her home, her 6-year-old nephew asked to ride along. Leaving the store, both seatbelts fastened, her car was t-boned on the driver’s side.

Erika Martinez
Erika Martinez and her daughter had settled in for the evening. They were sprawled on the floor putting together a puzzle when Erika heard a car alarm. She checked on her car and saw a man driving away in her car. Without a thought, she ran outside, grabbed the car door and didn’t let go. The car thief never slowed down, dragging her into the street and running over both her legs.

Zaida Morales
On January 29, 2016, Zaida Morales and a couple of friends stopped at a neighborhood food truck. As they waited, a drunk driver slammed into her, trapping her between his truck and a car.

Crystal Perez
Crystal Perez remembers driving onto the entrance ramp of I-45. Her next memory was waking up in Ben Taub Hospital’s ICU. Crystal has been told that once she entered the freeway, her car was struck by a speeding vehicle, spun several times and stopped, facing the wrong direction. She got out of her car and was struck by another vehicle that carried her across all lanes of traffic.

Clifford Pugh
April 9, 2016, was a beautiful spring day. Clifford Pugh, a well-known Houston journalist, rode his vintage Honda motorcycle to the gym. He doesn’t remember the ride home.


Keion Randle
On September 12, 2016, Keion Randle sat outside the apartment he shares with his mom and twin sister. He was visiting with two friends when, for some reason Keion still doesn’t understand, one of the young men fired a shotgun at him. His friend, Deon, called 911 and held Keion until help arrived.

Jacoby Richardson
Jacoby Richardson is a survivor. More than that, he’s a thriver. While driving home in a rain and hail storm, his car hydroplaned; he hit a curb and a tree. Jacoby was ejected from the car and landed on a concrete parking barrier.

Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez’s friends and family enjoy activity and love to celebrate. They are part of a trail riding club that includes all-terrain vehicles and horses. On a spring day last March, they gathered for a crawfish boil. When Angel’s 20-year-old niece asked for a ride on his ATV, he was more than happy to oblige. As another vehicle clipped his, he wrapped himself around his niece before they flipped. That action probably saved her, and it’s the last thing he remembers about the day.