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1115 Waiver

The 1115 Waiver fundamentally shifted how healthcare providers collaborate and develop healthcare infrastructure. Still, the rules and guidance frequently change. Below are resources from HHSC and CMS. For additional information, visit HHSC's 1115 Waiver website.  Performing Providers may find additional information on HHSC's DSRIP Online Reporting Tool's Bulletin Board.

 October DY6 Reporting

 DSRIP October DY6 Reporting Webinar

Below please find the slides to the October DY6 Reporting Webinar. The recording of the October DY6 Reporting webinar can be found here:
OCTDY6_DSRIP_Reporting_Cat3.pdf (10/05/2017)
OCTDY6_DSRIP_Reporting_General.pdf (10/04/2017)
OCTDY6_DSRIP_Reporting_QPI.pdf (10/04/2017)

General Reporting Materials

Below please find the October DY6 Reporting Companion Document, October DY6 DSRIP Online Reporting System User Guide, Learning Collaborative Reporting Template (an optional template used to report on DY5 carryforward Learning Collaborative metrics), and the DSRIP Reporting Coversheet (required for Category 1 & 2 DY5 carryforward non-QPI metrics.
DSRIP_LC_Reporting_Template.pdf (09/26/2017)
DSRIP_Reporting_Coversheet.pdf (09/26/2017)
OCTDY6_DSRIP_Reporting_System_User_Guide.pdf (09/26/2017)
OCTDY6_Reporting_Companion_Document.pdf (10/03/2017)

Quantifiable Patient Impact (QPI)

The links below are to the October DY6 QPI Reporting Template and the October DY6 QPI Reporting Companion document. Please refer to the companion document for guidance on how to complete and submit the October DY6 QPI Reporting Template for milestones M-1 and M-2.  Please note that ALL Category 1 & 2 projects must complete and submit an October DY6 QPI Reporting Template as part of semi-annual reporting (SAR) requirements for their DY6 QPI milestones.
OCTDY6_QPI_Reporting_Companion.pdf (09/29/2017)
RHPXX_ProjectID_QPI_OctDY6.xlsm (12/08/2017)

Hurricane Harvey DY6 QPI Carryforward QPI Reporting Template

Providers from FEMA designated disaster areas with eligible DY6 metrics that were approved for DY6 carryforward during the October DY6 reporting period may submit the Hurricane Harvey DY6 QPI CF QPI Reporting Template during the October DY6 NMI reporting period. Please note that the Hurricane Harvey DY6 QPI CF QPI Reporting Template must be submitted by January 16, 2018 in order to be considered for the March 2018 off-cycle payment for impacted providers.
RHPXX_ProjectID_QPI_HHDY6CF.xlsm (12/08/2017)

Category 3 NMI Reporting Template

Attached below is the DY6 R2 Category 3 Reporting Template for the NMI period. The Cat 3 NMI template allows reporting only for outcomes that received an NMI determination. Providers responding to an NMI for a Category 3 outcome upload one template to the first NMI milestone, and indicate where the template is uploaded in the online reporting system milestone progress update. Providers will make selections in the online reporting system in accordance with the achievement levels indicated in the NMI reporting template. 

Note: The NMI Reporting Template was updated on 12/14/17 to unlock some projects for NMI reporting that were previously locked. If you already submitted the previous version of the template, and you have confirmed that all of the projects for which you received an NMI were unlocked, there is no reason to submit the revised template.
RHPXX_TPI_Cat3_OctDY6_NMI_v2.xlsm (12/14/2017


Category 3 Stretch Activity Coversheet

Below please find the Category 3 October DY6  Stretch Activity 3 (SA3) Coversheet (updated 10/5/17 to include RHPs 17-20).

Cat3_SA3_Coversheet.xlsm (10/05/2017)

DY6 Sustainability Template

The links below are to the DY6 Sustainability Template and its companion document. Please refer to the companion document for guidance on how to complete and submit the DY6 Sustainability Template for milestone M-4.
DY6 Sustainability Template Companion Document.pdf (08/03/2017)
RHPXX_ProviderTPI_M4_OctDY6.xlsm (10/03/2017)


Category 4

Below please find the October DY6 Category 4 Reporting Template.

 Category 3

​Category 3 reporting summaries are below. The Cat 3 RHP Summary includes all Category 3 outcomes in a given region. The Cat 3 Summary includes outcome specific summaries and the Category 3 goal calculator. These summaries contain the most recent reporting information submitted to HHSC as of 1/11/18. 

Cat 3 RHP Summary.xlsm (01/11/2018)
Cat 3 Summary Workbook.xlsm (01/11/2018)


 Waiver Renewal

RHP Plan Update

The RHP Plan Update provider templates are below - a standard template for current DSRIP providers and a new provider template for regions that received additional funding. The templates and Companion Document will also be posted on the HHSC website. Please review the Companion Document and attend the webinar on Thursday, February 8th at 10:00am before sending questions to the waiver mailbox. HHSC will send out the call-in information for the webinar as soon as it's available. 
Note that the templates are large and require enabling of macros, editing, content, and as a trusted document to function correctly. Due to the automation included in the template, each entry will take one to a few seconds to process before allowing additional entries.


Anchor_Template_v03-08-2018.xlsm (03/08/2018)
Functional RHP Plan Update Template v03-12-2018.xlsm (03/12/2018)
New Provider Functional RHP Plan Update Template v03-05-2018.xlsm (03/05/2018)
RHP Plan Update Companion Document v4.pdf (02/13/2018)
RHP Plan Update Webinar.pptx (02/07/2018)

Approved DSRIP Protocols

We look forward to working with providers as DSRIP continues to transform healthcare in Texas.
Attachment J - PFM Protocol DY7-8 01.19.18 Changes Highlighted.pdf (01/19/2018)
Summary of Proposed DY7-8 Requirements.pdf (02/09/2018)
Texas Measure Bundle Protocol_021418 with technical corrections.pdf (02/23/2018)
TX DSRIP Protocols Approval Letter 1-19-18.pdf (01/19/2018)

1. Cat C Measure Specifications 20180117 - Introduction v1.1.docx (01/22/2018)
2. Cat C Measure Specifications 20180222 - Hospital and Physician Practice v1.3.docx (02/22/2018)
3. Cat C Measure Specifications 20180222 - LHD v1.3.docx (02/22/2018)
4. Cat C Measure Specifications 20180222 - CMHC v1.3.docx (02/22/2018)
Category C Goal Calculator 20180209.xlsm (02/09/2018)
Category C Measure Specifications 20180222 v1.3.xlsm (02/22/2018)
Category C Specifications FAQ 20180222.xlsx (02/22/2018)

E2-A01 OB Hemorrhage Collaborative Activity

Below are documents that provide additional details for the collaborative activity that is a required component if a hospital or physician practices selects Measure Bundle E2 Maternal Safety. Measure E2-A01 refers to the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) sponsored implementation of the AIM Safety Bundle for Obstetric Hemorrhage. Draft milestone requirements are included as well as additional information from DSHS on the collaborative. 

AIM Maternal Safety Bundles n Texas Informational Sheet .pdf (02/22/2018)
AIM Maternal Safety Bundles n Texas Informational Sheet .pdf (02/22/2018)
E2-A01 OB Hemorrhage AIM Bundle Milestone Requirements DRAFT 20180215.docx (02/22/2018)
E2-A01 OB Hemorrhage AIM Bundle Milestone Requirements DRAFT 20180215.docx (02/22/2018)
E2-A01 OB Hemorrhage Collaborative (02/22/2018)

Category B Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Category B Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document provides HHSC responses to both specific and broad questions we are receiving on Category B system definition and patient population by provider (PPP) reporting. Questions and responses are organized by subject. The FAQ has been updated as of March 6, 2018.

Category B FAQ Sheet_20180306.pdf (03/07/2018)


Waiver Renewal Planning Documents

Below are docuements related to the draft Measure Bundle Proptocol, and a draft Value Based Purchasing Roadmap.

DRAFT Texas VBP_APM Roadmap_August 2017.pdf (08/03/2017)
DSRIP DY7-8 Reporting Eligibility v2.docx (01/24/2018)
DSRIP-DY7-8-PFM-Changes-and-MBP-Webinar.pdf (06/23/2017)
Summary-MBP-Feedback-Responsesdocx.pdf (08/04/2017)
Texas Measure Bundle Protocol v.2 7-28-17.pdf (08/03/2017)
Texas Measure Bundle Protocol v.3 09-29-17.pdf (01/19/2018)

 DSRIP Reporting Summaries

The links below are to the project payment summaries. Please note that these are the official payment files and may not match the amounts displayed in the DSRIP Online Reporting System.

DY2-Apr DY3_ProjectPaymentSummary_20141010.xlsm (06/22/2017)
DY3_Oct_Project_Payment_Summary_20150123.xlsm (06/22/2017)

The links below are to the provider and project reporting summaries which contain information from the October DY2 through April DY6 reporting periods. The Provider Summaries provide a high-level narrative overview of the status of all of a provider's DSRIP projects. The Project Summaries provide project-level status information related to a specific project's accomplishments, challenges, lessons learned, etc.


DSRIP Project Summary_OctDY2-AprDY6.xlsx (06/22/2017)
DSRIP Provider Summary_OctDY2-AprDY6.xlsx (06/22/2017)

 1115 Medicaid Waiver Forms

The RHP Contact Change Form below should be completed and submitted when providing HHSC with updated contact information or requests for access to the DSRIP Online Reporting System. Please make your form selections based on what the contact will need access to. For example, if the individual belongs to an organization that is an Anchor, Provider, and IGT Entity, but the individual will only need Provider access to the reporting system and HHSC d-list, then they should select "Performing Provider" on the form. Completed forms should be sent to the waiver mailbox at

RHP-Contact-Change-Form.pdf (06/22/2017)


The link below is to the DY6 IGT Entity Change Form. IGT Entity changes must be submitted by the due date of the semi-annual reporting of DSRIP milestone achievement to be considered for payments in that period (i.e. April 30 or October 31). Completed workbooks and RHP Plan Section VI. RHP Participation Certifications should be submitted to the waiver mailboxat 

NOTE: Materials for new affiliations must be submitted according to the instructions listed on the "Instructions and Checklist" tab in the workbook.

IGT Entity Change Form (DY6).xlsx (11/17/2017)

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