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Region 3's DY7-8 RHP Plan is due to HHSC on April 30, 2018

DY7-8 RHP Plan Development
DY7-8 RHP Plan


​Region 3's Healthcare Partnership Plan is a mix of innovative projects that focus on meeting the identified community needs of the nine county Region. To develop a regional approach to healthcare delivery, a broad range of innovative programs were developed that increase access to primary and specialty care in a variety of service settings and address access issues that lead to care in inappropriate settings.  Projects focused on their specific patient populations, their impact on other projects, and their impact on outcomes within the region. The plan underwent several modifications based on revision and modification requests from HHSC and CMS.

DY1-6 RHP Plan Development
DY1-6 RHP Plan 

 RHP 3 DY1-6 DSRIP Projects