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 RHP 3 Contact List

Would you like to be added to RHP 3's existing contact list? If so, please subscribe here with your email address to stay up to date on the latest 1115 Waiver / DSRIP news. To add multiple persons, please contact the RHP 3 Anchor Team via email at, so we can make this task easy for you.

Our distribution lists includes:
  • DSRIP News
    • Information on DSRIP from HHSC 
    • HHSC due dates and deadlines
    • HHSC guidance information related to DSRIP projects
  • Uncompensated Care Information
    • Information on UC
    • HHSC due dates and deadlines
    • UC Regulation information from HHSC
  • Biannual Learning Collaborative News
    • Information on upcoming events
    • Registration information
    • Participation and Supporting documentation
  • Monthly Regional Status Call Information
    • Information on upcoming monthly calls
    • Pre-call information
    • Follow-up emails and supporting documentation

 RHP 3 Anchor Team

Amanda Callaway
Mission Advancement
Associate Administrator

Jessica Granger
Health System Strategy

Giovanni Rueda-Anguinao
Health System Strategy
Operations Coordinator

June Hanke
Health System Strategy
Analyst / Planner

Nina Kavarthapu
Health System Strategy

Michelle Eunice
Health System Strategy
Regional Operations Liaison

Sonyia Sandhu
Health System Strategy
Regional Operations Liaison