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Strategic Planning In Progress

Harris Health System began a strategic planning process to determine its priorities for the next five years, and is committed to a transparent and inclusive process that authentically reflects the voices of all its stakeholders – patients, workforce, advocates, funders, and many other valued supporters and partners.

Health Management Associates (HMA) was engaged to support Harris Health with this strategic planning process, which has as its goal to develop an actionable plan that allows Harris Health to respond to both anticipated and unanticipated factors that impact the future of the system.  



Process and Timeline
The 2021-2025 Strategic Plan will be developed over five months, beginning October 2020. The objective of the strategic planning process is to create a dynamic and actionable plan that both Harris Health and the community will implement to meet their strategic goals. The HMA team will use a four-component, collaborative, strategic planning approach that includes:

  1. Project initiation: to confirm shared expectations for managing the project
  2. Building a shared understanding: to gain insight on both organizations and lay the groundwork for developing meaningful strategic options including stakeholder input, strategic research, and data analysis
  3. Prioritization and analysis: to develop, iterate, and prioritize strategic options
  4. Development and socialization: to produce final deliverables including a communications plan that will socialize the strategic plans internally and externally

Throughout the process, we will continuously integrate collected data and findings with the summaries of stakeholder interviews and planning retreats to craft the strategic plan.  Please come back to check this page for updates on our progress. 

Confidential Feedback is Welcome
Do you have a big idea that will help the future success of Harris Health? What does Harris Health need to meet today's, and tomorrow's challenges? Send us your thoughts and comments during the strategic planning process. You may email the Strategic Planning Committee directly at