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Visitor Access Policy

Harris Health will allow one healthy visitor per day at Ben Taub and Lyndon B. Johnson hospitals for NON-COVID+ or NON-PUI patients between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. who meet the following criteria:

  • Maternity, Postpartum and Neonatal ICU patients: One healthy partner/parent per day
  • Patients with a disability: One healthy visitor, also referred to as a support person, per day (Note: Patients with a disability who are COVID+ or PUI will be allowed one healthy visitor per day)
  • End-of-Life patients: One healthy visitor per day
  • Patients requiring a surrogate decision-maker: One healthy visitor per day
  • Religious Counselor: Religious counselors must be allowed in-person visitation for all patients, including patients who are COVID+ or PUI

In the ambulatory setting, one healthy visitor will be allowed to accompany a patient if s/he is a caregiver or assisting someone with mobility issues. Other visitors will not be allowed into the clinic. One healthy, non-patient individual may pick up medications or drop-off a medical record request for a patient.

Harris Health also continues to strongly encourage and support virtual visitation by using either the patient’s personal cellphone or an iPad on the unit or in the clinic.

If assistance is needed with a virtual visit, please contact Harris Health Patient/Customer Relations at the following numbers:

Ben Taub Hospital: 713-873-3939
LBJ Hospital: 713-566-5633​