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​Harris Health System offers moms-to-be CenteringPregnancy®, a unique method of helping and educating expectant mothers on their journey to delivering healthy babies, where eight to 12 women with similar due dates meet and share the same provider who completes their health assessments, teaches pregnancy health skills and creates a support network among mothers. Each session usually lasts two hours and the group meets 10 times throughout pregnancy and early postpartum. In a group setting, mothers are able to offer moral support to one another by discussing their concerns and individual journeys.

CenteringPregnancy® History
In 1993, Sharon Rising, a registered nurse-midwife in Waterbury, Connecticut, was frustrated by not having enough time to thoroughly visit pregnant women during their prenatal appointments. She met several women a day—one at a time—and repeated the same information, sometimes without sufficient time to answer her patients’ questions. Then Sharon had an idea—she scheduled a 90-minute appointment with several pregnant women to offer the same prenatal information and answer any questions they had at the same time. The goal was to bring together women of similar due dates instead of repeating the appointment process one at a time, therefore cutting wait times and creating a space for open discussion about women, their self-care and pregnancy concerns. Sharon is credited with creating the CenteringPregnancy® model and establishing the nurse-midwifery program.

To register for CenteringPregnancy®, expectant mothers can speak to the nurse at their screening appointments.

Harris Health locations offering CenteringPregnancy®

Acres Home Health Center
Aldine Health Center
Casa de Amigos Health Center
Gulfgate Health Center
Squatty Lyons Health Center
Vallbona Health Center
OB Clinic at Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital