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Women and Infants

Prenatal Services
Getting proper prenatal care is key to your baby's good health. Harris Health System offers prenatal services at 12 conveniently located health centers.

Our staff will guide you through every step of your pregnancy with regularly scheduled checkups to ensure a healthy delivery.

In addition to offering prenatal services, Harris Health offers:

Delivery Options
When a woman has a Caesarean delivery, her options for future pregnancies are either another Caesarean or attempting a vaginal birth after Caesarean (commonly known as VBAC). Although there are risks with both delivery options, at Harris Health we believe women should be able to decide on the option best suited for their specific needs. We offer a supportive environment and the expertise of natural, Caesarean and VBAC delivery options. 

To schedule a VBAC consultation, please call 713-873-8794.

For all other prenatal appointment information, please call 713-526-4243.

Birthing Centers
When it comes to delivering babies, Ben Taub Hospital and Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital provide the type of care and maternity services you want most—personalized attention, comfortable space, experienced nurses, doctors, midwives and specialized nurseries designed to handle any infant’s healthcare needs.

Ben Taub and LBJ Hospitals have earned the coveted international recognition of Baby-Friendly Hospital, joining a select number of such facilities in Houston and Texas. The designation means the hospital meets or exceeds rigorous guidelines that promote high levels of newborn breastfeeding and mother-baby bonding. 

Our doctors from Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) are among the best trained in the nation when it comes to managing normal and high-risk pregnancies, delivery and infant care.

Created with you in mind, both Ben Taub and LBJ Birthing Centers offer a private family atmosphere to provide a comforting birthing experience.

Midwifery Services
Midwifery services at Ben Taub and LBJ Hospitals offer patients with low-risk pregnancies an alternative for childbirth, one that is proven to enhance birth outcomes for mothers and their babies while maintaining lower healthcare costs. Outcomes show that mothers and babies benefit from the specialized training of a midwife and their trademark compassion and alternative techniques.

Expectant mothers who deliver at Ben Taub or LBJ can rest assure knowing both hospitals and staff are well-equipped to handle any complication or healthcare need that may arise.

For healthy babies a minimum stay in the regular nursery (Level I) is all that is required.

If your baby has special needs or requires some extra medical attention or observation, there are Newborn Special Care Nurseries (Level II) at each hospital.

In addition, Ben Taub and LBJ have Neonatal Intensive Care Units (Level III), specializing in the care of very sick babies who require intensive observation and treatment around-the-clock.

Mother's Worksheets
The information you provide on this worksheet is used to create your child’s birth certificate. The birth certificate is a legal document used to prove your child’s age, citizenship and parentage. Your child will use the birth certificate throughout his/her life. Please print your responses carefully and accurately on the form and bring it with you to the hospital when you are in active labor or are scheduled to deliver.

Worksheet - English
Worksheet - Spanish