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Community Farm

​​LBJ Hospital is located in an area of northeast Houston officially defined as a food desert with little access to affordable, nutritious food, and where most residents live below the poverty line.

With the help of dedicated staff and area volunteers, a certified farmer and local partners, we built our first community farm to provide patients and local residents with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Thanks to the dedication and vision of Rebecca Verm, lead farmer, the farm is a nutritive and educational ecosystem for the community. Verm's vision is to create a viable, sustainable organic farm using the most environmentally friendly practices. Soon, the farm will produce 500 pounds of fresh produce per week for Harris Health patients and neighborhood residents.

For more information, contact Rebecca Verm at


The Community Farm at LBJ Hospital ​is a working farm, so there is always a need for people to get their hands dirty. If you have a group interested in volunteering or completing a project at the farm, please contact us at If interested, you can also donate​.