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Spiritual Care

​​ Harris Health System is committed to providing pastoral and spiritual counseling to all in need, including patients, their families and medical staff and employees.

The Department of Spiritual Care consists of chaplains from various faith groups helping to foster healing and offer hope and spiritual services to those we serve. Our hospital chaplains are caring listeners who have been trained to help with the special needs of hospital patients and their families. In the case of a patient, we work with his or her healthcare team so that spiritual as well as medical needs will be addressed. Without imposing their beliefs or practices, chaplains will attend to the patient’s or family’s spiritual needs through empathetic listening and compassionate presence. All chaplains respect the individual’s dignity, privacy and maintain confidentiality in pastoral relationships.

Our Pastoral/Spiritual Care staff offers patients and their families the following:

  • Support in the use of personal resources of faith when dealing with an illness
  • Encouragement and a listening ear during difficult times
  • Practical help and comfort in times of grief and in crisis situations
  • Help to explore questions of faith and spirituality
  • Congratulations for the birth of children, progress in recovery or the healing of an illness

When providing these services, our staff performs a number of activities, including the following:

  • Visiting the patient and family upon admission as well as at their request, on the nursing units, in the waiting areas, the emergency center and other outpatient areas
  • Responding to medical emergencies
  • Providing the patient and family information regarding support groups
  • Helping them contact clergy of their own religious tradition to celebrate sacraments and perform rituals
  • Sacramental ministry is also provided by Catholic priests

The multi-faith chapel is on the first floor of each hospital. It is open at all times for those needing a place of quiet for prayer, meditation and personal reflection. It is also used for various worship events on weekends and weekdays.

Catholic Mass

Ben Taub Catholic Mass
Friday: 10:45 a.m.
Sunday: 10:45 a.m.

Lyndon B. Johnson Catholic Mass
Wednesday: Noon

Spiritual Care Phone Numbers
Ben Taub: 713-873-2480
Lyndon B. Johnson: 713-566-5680
Quentin Mease: 713-873-2480​