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Virtual Visit Myths

Myth: I’m not computer-savvy, so I cannot participate in a video visit.
Fact: If you can FaceTime (iPhone) or Video Call (Android) with your family and friends, then you can probably have a video visit with your provider. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or computer with a built-in camera and microphone. Many patients find that using a smartphone or tablet is easier to move around and show the provider different areas of the body.

Myth: I can’t speak English very well and there will not be an interpreter to help me.
Fact: We want to make sure you are comfortable and understand your treatment plan during the video visit. If you need language assistance, we will have an interpreter available during the video visit to help you.

Myth: My provider can’t prescribe medications during a video visit.
Fact: Based on your medical history and physical exam conducted through the video visit, your provider can prescribe medications during a video visit. Your provider will make sure there are no changes to your medical history, allergies or medications you are taking. Your provider will send prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice.

Myth: Discussing personal health information online or on the phone with my doctor isn’t safe.
Fact: All communication between you and Harris Health System providers are done over a secure, encrypted connection. Harris Health is committed to safeguard our patients’ protected health information in accordance with applicable federal and/or state privacy and information security laws and regulations.

To protect your privacy at home, find a private place to have an uninterrupted video visit with your provider. If you have someone else in the room with you, please let your provider know so they can tailor questions for privacy.

Myth: My provider cannot offer the same level of care on a video visit.
Fact: There is no doubt that meeting with your provider virtually is a different experience. Rest assure that many minor health problems and chronic illnesses can be treated virtually with the same high level of care. The most important thing is to schedule the video visit as soon as you’re having a medical problem. Your provider will help determine the appropriate treatment plan for you.

Myth: Video visits are my only option now due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Fact: Harris Health System health centers and clinics are open. Call our Patient Appointment Center if you would like to have an in-person appointment. We’re working to reduce the risk of coronavirus exposure for patients and staff. This includes initial health screening and temperature check before entering our facility, as well as wearing masks and following social distancing requirements during your visit at the facility.​